The MAGIC 2 is a wall-mount sliding system for wood doors weighing up to 176 lbs (80 kg) each. This unique concealed hardware and running track create the illusion that the door is floating.

This hardware can be cut and fitted for a wide variety of door widths and thicknesses.

It is a high-quality smooth running system.

  • Completely concealed hardware and upper running track
  • Sliding system for wood door or aluminum door panels and frames
  • Interior / Residential and Hotel Doors
  • Right and left doors are applicable
  • Smooth sliding system
  • The slide system is built into the door, making it completely invisible whether the door is in a closed or open position
  • The mounting plate is designed to be wall-mounted
  • Purchase the routing TEMPLATE


Magic 2 is an INNOVATIVE and PATENTED made in Italy system that represents the evolution of Magic.

Over 50 mm of the braking distance
Uses new PATENTED dampers, for total braking of 50 mm, increasing the soft closing motion of 20 mm more than the previous version, keeping the same widths of the door.

New adjustable stoppers The new adjustable dampers are no longer connected to the spacer or end caps. is now possible to adjust the damper position when required.

1. Patented lower wheels for better smoothness
The new lower wheels of Magic 2 have PATENTED suspensions and have been designed with a larger diameter, bearings, and bigger pivots. The rubber on the wheels has been doubled to make them stronger and smoother.

Magic 2 system integrates two fixed springs that work up to 90 pounds of door weight. For doors heavier than 90 pounds, up to a maximum of 160 pounds, new wheels will flex more and hit the new rubber cylinder that acts as an additional cushion to the two springs.

Purchase the routing TEMPLATE

2. Silent lower guide In order to increase the smoothness of motion, the Magic 2 system is equipped with a metallic lower guide made in Zama, to increase sliding silence Magic2 also includes a plastic profile at the bottom of the door.

Magic 2
Magic 2

3. New position for spacer wheels
The Magic 2 system incorporates new spacer wheels, placed at the end of the door, to better protect the door from any contact with the wall.

4. New PATENTED system for any type of adjustment
The new Magic 2 slider system incorporates a PATENTED® micrometric adjustment system, which allows any type of vertical and horizontal adjustment: to compensate for possible wall irregularities. These operations are possible also without removing the door from the slide as it was in the previous model.

5. Practical unblocking system
The Magic 2 system is equipped with two new anti-unhooking elements. In these new elements, two safety rods have been inserted, they are used to easily rotate the anti-unhooking without any other tool.

Magic 2

Technical Data

1100 1800
Max Door Width Up to 43 1/4" (1100 mm) Up to 70 7/8" (1800 mm)
Rail Length 43 1/4" (1100 mm) 70 7/8" (1800 mm)
Max Opening Width 34 5/8" (881 mm) 62 2/8" (1581 mm)
Min Door Width 26 3/4" (680 mm)
Min Opening Width 18 2/8" (461 mm)
Net Opening Width DOOR WIDTH - 8 5/8" (219 mm)
Door Thickness From 1 1/8" to 2 1/2"
Max Door Weight Max. 176 lb / 80 kg
Close to Floor 3/8" (10 mm)
Type of Door Wood
Door Position In Front of the Wall
Track Mounting Wall Front
Door Mounting Method Screw
Roller Position Upper
Soft-Close Type Both Ends Operation (Left or right-handed doors)
Number of Doors 1 door slab per hardware (not included)
Soft-Close Mechanism Included
Product Type Hardware, Track
Rail Type Running
Function Standard Sliding
Set Include All necessary hardware less door, lock and handles
Finish Brushed Anodized Silver

Installation Instruction

Purchase the routing TEMPLATE

The upper running track can be recessed into the door for a clearance (distance between the door to the wall ) from 1/2” up to 1-1/4” Example for baseboards thickness.



The door overlaps one side of the frame 2" (50 mm) and opposite, 6-5/8" (168 mm) when in the fully closed position (dimensions depending on door width and type of installation). Net opening width = DOOR WIDTH (-) 8-5/8" (219 mm). The bottom rollers need to run on a solid floor like hardwood, tiles, concrete, metal, glass, etc. Carpet, cork, or other soft floors required the installation of the running track (purchase separately).



  • What is the minimum door thickness?
    The minimum door thickness is 1-1/8”.

  • Is this system reversible or do I need to specify if I need right or left?
    The Magic2 Hardware is reversible and can be mounted on both left and right-handed doors.

  • What is the maximum door weight?
    Maximum Door Weight is 176 lb. (80 kg).

  • What is the maximum door height?
    There is no maximum door height, as long as it weighs less than 176 lb.

  • What is the maximum door width?
    The maximum door width for Magic2 - 1100 version is 43-1/2”
    The maximum door width for Magic2 - 1800 version is 71”

  • How easy to prepare the door for the hardware?
    Having some woodworking skills is recommended. To simplify and expedite the process, using the provided TEMPLATE will significantly enhance efficiency and ease.
  • After the door is installed, how big will the gap between the wall and the door be?
    You can recess the upper running track into the door for clearance from 1⁄2” up to 1-1/4”.

  • What is the maximum overlap a door can have with the frame?
    The door overlaps one side of the frame 2" (50 mm) and opposite, 6-5/8" (168 mm) when in the fully closed position (dimensions depending on door width and type of installation)
    Net opening width = DOOR WIDTH (-) 8-5/8" (219 mm)

  • Can Magic Door be installed in the room with carpet?
    The bottom rollers need to run on a solid floor (hardwood, tiles, concrete).
    Carpet or other soft floors required installation of a running track (purchase separately).

  • Does the Magic2 system include a door slab and handle?
    The kit includes all necessary hardware for 1 door (Door Slab and Handle not included).

  • How heavy the package is?
    The Magic2 1100 system weighs 5 lb.
    The Magic2 1800 system weighs 7 lb.

  • What are package dimensions?
    The Magic2 1100 system - 44" x 3" x 3"
    The Magic2 1800 system - 72" x 3" x 3"

  • Can this solution be used for an exterior front door?
    No, this system is for interior doors only.

  • My door opening is 28" x 80". How big of a door do I need to work with this system?
    We would recommend you order a door slab 36” x 84”
    Your door has to be at least 3” taller and 3”- 8.5” wider than your door opening 8”-8.5” will give you a full opening of the doorway.

  • Can I mount this to a floor-to-ceiling door?
    40 mm (1.57") gap is required between the sealing and the top of the door.

  • Can this system work with a framed door opening?
    Yes, It can.

  • Would there be gaps in the door?
    That would still leave the gap between the door and the wall.

  • Can I have a lock on the inside?
    Any lock that works with a barn door would also work with a Magic Door.

  • I have an uneven floor. Will the system compensate for that?
    Unfortunately, it will not. Your floor must be leveled. Only 2-3 mm allowed.
  • Where can I buy a door that is compatible with this hardware?


  • Depending on the material a slight trace of wear may appear on the floor. Tile gaps are noticeable when moving the door.
  • Always use instructions provided by the manufacturer / Ternoscorrevoli, as included with the product.
  • Installation of the Product shall be executed by qualified individuals only, always ensuring that each product is securely installed using proper fixation methods, as appropriate for each applicable substratum.
  • We trust that anyone installing these products has the required skills, knowledge, and experience.
  • Milcasa Renovation LLC. expressively disclaims any liabilities for results obtained through improper use or installation.
  • Always remove residue debris, and dust (sawdust and/or aluminum cuttings scrap) from the rails using a dry cloth before installing the system.