Compack 90 System is a door technology that opens up new interior design frontiers, making more space available even in cramped quarters.

Compack 90 System is a functional alternative to all types of doors. No modifications to walls are necessary. There are no sliding or rolling members, the door moves fluidly without a sound. Prolonged use does not compromise the quality of the movement.

A certain minimum distance is needed between the room wall corner and the door jamb to ensure proper installation and functionality of the door. For reference, please see the drawing located in the picture gallery or refer to P.10 in the technical specifications document.

We are offering  White Laminated Precut Door Panels  for Compack 180/90 Hardware Set. Made in Italy.


Compack 90 allows for more freedom of design, removing the space constraints inherent to traditional swinging doors. The Compack 90 hardware system is designed for use with interior doors and with any décor. Based on reliable, guaranteed, and patented technology, Compack 90 is a valid alternative to all traditional door systems.

With Compack 90 hardware, the movement of the door leaf is stable, silent, and ergonomic. Ledges on three sides ensure excellent acoustic insulation when the door is closed.

We are offering  White Laminated Precut Door Panels  for Compack 180/90 Hardware Set. Made in Italy.

The Compack 90 System can be installed without any need for modifications to the walls. No masonry or carpentry work means no added costs with respect to traditional door systems. The reduction in clearance requirements eliminates the problem of interference between doors.

Compack 90 is easy to install and fully inspectable. There are no sliding elements such as door hangers or sliding pegs, the door moves smoothly without making the slightest sound. Prolonged use has no effect on the quality of operation.

Technical Data

Weight Capacity per Door The total weight of the 2 slabs should not exceed  110 lb / 50 kg
Door Thickness From 1-1/2” to 1-3/4”
Type of Door Wood
System Mounting Door and Frame
Door Opening Left or Right handed doors
Product Type Door Hardware
Function Folding
Set Include All necessary hardware (doors, lock, handle are not included)

Installation Instruction


  • What is the recommended door slab thickness?
    The minimum thickness is 36 mm (1 7/16”)

  • What kind of door do I need to buy – solid core or hollow core?
    Any door will work, if the door is solid on the top and bottom.

    We are offering White Laminated Precut Door Panels  for Compack 180/90 Hardware Set. Made in Italy.

  • What is the maximum door weight?
    One hardware set can hold up to 110 lbs. (2 door leaves, each is under 55 lbs.)

  • What size of the doors do I need to buy?
    Please see the drawings
    Symmetrical Asymmetrical 1 Asymmetrical 2

  • How durable the hardware is?
    Unique, heavy duty, commercial grade system is tested in more than 100,000 cycles.

  • Do you have hardware for a 30” door opening?
    Unfortunately, there is no hardware for 30” opening with symmetrical doors. We do recommend using 32” hardware, where hinge side door will be 16” and handle side door will be 14”.

    Please see the drawing
    Asymmetrical 1

  • What is the largest opening that Compack hardware can cover?
    Compack 90 can cover 40” opening (20” + 20” doors).
    Compack 180 can cover up to 47” opening (20” + 27” doors).

  • How easy to prepare the door for the hardware?
    Having some woodworking skills is recommended. To simplify and expedite the process, using the provided TEMPLATE will significantly enhance efficiency and ease.

  • Can Compack 180/90 door be closed and opened from inside? What handles and locks can I use for this system?
    There are a special magnetic Compack Lock and Flush handles. You can buy it online from (Call or email us for more info)
    Wave Handle
    Quadra/NQ Dark/NQ Light Handle from OUTSIDE
    AGB Duetto Handle from INSIDE
    STV Magnetic Lock

  • Does the Compact 90 system kit include hardware for only one bifold door or for two bifold doors (right and left)?
    A bifold is two door slabs being connected to make a single bifold door. The hardware provided is for one bifold door comprised of two leaves.

  • How much sound does the mechanism make? Would it wake a sleeping baby?
    Just like opening any door, no noise at all, glides nicely.