The ERGON® Living system is the swinging-sliding door opening hardware that reduces the overall sizes of the threshold by 50%, expanding the living space without the need for masonry work.

ERGON living T.E. Slim: the rototranslation door system just got even more versatile.

The latest addition to the large family of hardware for doors with rototranslation opening system, ERGON living T.E. Slim broadens the range of possibilities for doors with this truly unique ergonomic and space-saving opening system.

The ERGON T.E. Slim system reflects the same qualities with which ERGON living made its mark as a technological innovation in the market for internal door opening systems.

Yet the real innovation in ERGON living T.E. Slim lies in the thickness of the frame. While in other ERGON living T.E. systems the frame needs a jamb to cover the rotation shaft, the T.E. Slim version allows the use of a flat frame, which is 30-40 mm thick. Moreover, the rotation shaft doesn't need an aluminum jamb profile and is applied on the back part of the flat frame. Standard-sized doors can be used.

Just like the ERGON living T.E. hardware, the T.E. SLIM system features a number of highly appreciated characteristics including a rotation shaft in the frame, the possibility for use indoors with width up to 150 cm, and height up to 300 cm, weighing up to 70 kg. The possibility to install a "Soft Opening" system and use magnetic locks. Available finishes include silver or black, along with three different door arm sizes.

Ergon living opening technology continuously evolves to optimize living spaces.
Celegon: new movement experiences that revolutionize the concept of doors.


The Ergon® HARDWARE KIT is a patented system making it possible to install rototranslating technology on normal residential wooden doors.

ERGON® interior doors are highly versatile and can be installed in any setting. There are no particular dimensional or constructional constraints limiting the possibility of installing an ERGON® door. A normal subframe is sufficient.

Doors featuring the ERGON® system are aesthetically attractive. The design of the two-way rototranslating mechanism allows for a broad range of door dimensions and finishes, requires no special maintenance, and is practically noiseless. The cost of a door outfitted with the ERGON® system is quite low with respect to the benefits of recovering usable space around the door and its extreme versatility.

The fact that the door pushes open both ways makes it possible to enter or leave a room by pushing the door open and then closing it again with extreme ease. This two-way feature is also ideal for resolving issues associated with emergency exit design.

The simultaneous swing-and-slide opening/closing movement of the door minimizes space requirements, making even small rooms or closets perfectly accessible. The door pushes open easily, requiring no more effort than a traditional door.

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