If lever handles cannot be used because of the way the doors fold together, it is necessary to use the special COMPACK magnetic latch, which makes it possible to use a recessed handle on the lower section of the latch mechanism to lock the door or to retract the latch. This system provides 180° rotation. The special COMPACK magnetic latch also makes it possible to install the recessed handle on the upper section of the latch, to ensure privacy when the door opens into the room.

  • lock with a magnetic latch
  • front plate without protrusion: the latch with magnetic movement comes out only when approaching the door frame
  • lock closing with block of the latch leaving free the rotation of the handle
  • latch return lever with key
  • handle fastening holes “DIN”
 Distance  90 mm
 Entrance  50 mm
 Handle’s square  8 mm
 Latch return lever  Latch return lever
 Front plate  round 18 mm
 Unique code key  Unique code key

Installation Instruction

PDF Installation Instruction

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