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FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System
FLUID - Sliding System

FLUID - Sliding System

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Product Overview

The future of sliding systems has started!

The best sliding quality possible, functional noise voided, extremely light movements in door opening and closing.

Three different patents to revolutionize the concept of sliding. A new system which it suits to all bracket series into the catalogue Terno Scorrevoli.

Double return spring

The soft-closing damper of Fluid system, it introduce an important novelty, given that the damper case is directly connected to sliding trolley and it includes an hydraulic piston which brake the door on its movement. Therefore closing motion is leaded by a PATENTED structure, equipped with two springs located in the upper and in the bottom side of the slide.

In this way, in both direction, the movement will result extremely soft, fluid and light, even with heavier weight (up to 120kg).
New Fluid system it has been designed, indeed, for doors from 50, 80 and 120 kg.

One of the most innovative feature of Fluid system is the PATENTED shock absorber.
To the traditional standard stopper, it has been added a braking piston and two leaf springs to ease the holding of pliers.
The revolution lies in the fact that, with two very simple screws, it is possible to add on the sliding trolley the support needed for the activation of stopper and to avoid any shock during door’s closing motion.
Combining, indeed, the new PATENTED shock absorber with a damper stopper, it will be possible to realize narrow doors, starting from 500 mm.
With the same sliding trolley body it will be possible to use three different type of stoppers: PATENTED Fluid damper with double return spring, PATENTED shock absorber and traditional standard stopper.

New Fluid system it has been designed for doors weighing from 50 to 250 kg and it grants, for all these weight classes, an extremely light opening/closing sliding motion, always having the same encoumbrance. Door’s width realizable will be then reduced, thanks to Fluid system, of circa 100mm each side compared to previous models. Even in door’s configuration with two dampers, the minimal width will be 740 mm, so reduced of 200mm than former models, with no need of special twin dampers.

Sliding trolley wheels are equipped with coated bearings of large dimension and PATENTEDindipendent inertial dampers, laterally positioned.
These inertial dampers, inserted between bearings and related rigid support, allow the wheels to slide uniformly leaning on the track, even in case of wall defects or not alligned installation of the track itself.
These innovations allow to cut vibration off during the motion, reducing functional noise and granting the best sliding quality possible.

Improved sliding motion

New activator of Fluid damper it is made in Zamak (resistant and versatile material). It is equipped with a rounded edge and elastic elements which are meant to avoid any vibration during the contact with aluminium. The trailer hitch rotation it has been improved with no functional noise.

Trailer hitch of Fluid damper is equipped with an automatic loading system. Beyond of that, several elastic anti-bumping elements have been added in order to increase the quietness of activation hooking.

New PATENTED soft-closing damper it is closed by a “U” shaped anodized aluminium profile.
This canned extruded profile it also act as a reinforcement of the entire damper structure, avoiding any type of flexion.
Thanks to the “U” shaped profile, the mechanical components have been aesthetically concealed.

The structure of sliding trolley combined with damper have been reduced and therefore they can be inserted into Terno Scorrevoli profiles from the bottom side, especially in case of wall pocket doors or counterceiling.