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10 mistakes in the Arrangement of the Dressing Room

Mistake 1: Arrangement of the dressing room only in a separate room.

Many believe that dressing rooms should be viewed as a completely separate room. Therefore, those with very limited living space do not think it to be in their possibilities. However, this is achievable if one organizes a special zone through the use of partitions or niches.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 1

Mistake 2: Choosing furniture at the last moment

To make a room, and then pick up the content – is a very unprofitable approach. It is easier to keep in mind how the room will be organized out while picking out the furniture, so then rather than filling space, you will be creating one.

Think over the layout of the dressing room: make measurements and decide what functional designs you will need. The best option is to construct a metal framework for the shelves. The design should give you an understanding of your needs, such as a section for outerwear, hangers, and drawers.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 2

An attractive solution is the cabinet dressing room. Its main feature is racks based on individual room dimensions and added functional accessories (sliding shelves for shoes, pantographs, trouser hangers, etc.).

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 3

Mistake 3: "Original" flooring

Most of the dressing rooms are small and you should avoid having the floor extend to a different type of flooring (such as wood to tile) - too abrupt a transition will look inorganic and ruin the look of the space.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 4

Mistake 4: Using wallpaper for wall decoration

It is also not recommended to use wallpaper as accents to the décor. Because of possible temperature differences, wallpaper is quick to change visually and qualitatively – and will have to be replaced sooner. A more reasonable and inexpensive alternative is to cover the walls with washable paint, which is more durable.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 5

Mistake 5: Wall color does not match the style of the rest of the house

Many people mistakenly believe that the dressing room, being a separate room, should have an original design. However, space should be organized in the style of the rest of the apartment or house. If you want to add some emphasis or originality to the room paint the walls in a color a shade up or down from the rest of the adjacent room - this way you will add individuality to the room while keeping harmony.  

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 6

Mistake 6: Dark tones

Light shades on walls will serve as an excellent color solution in small spaces. (1-2 tones lighter from the main room works best) and helps to expand it visually. A common mistake is the use of dark colors, which will make space seem shorter and more constricted.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 7

Mistake 7: Impractical storage organization

Avoid mixing personal belongings - the possibility of confusion will increase and space will be organized inefficiently. Divide the dressing room into several zones and place your belongings according to use, seasonality, and keep outerwear closer to the exit.

Store men's and women's belongings separately  (usually women have more long items that need a high compartment with a barbell, while men need more sections for short items of clothing and a special sections for ties and belts). Shoes should be placed vertically on inclined shelves, with seasonal items at eye level, the rest stored higher or lower.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 8

Mistake 8: No windows or ventilation in the room

If you have a separate room for the dressing room, make sure you have a window. If this is a restricted area with a partition, do not forget about ventilation. It’s a misconception that in non-residential premises, the presence of ventilation does not matter. Personal belongings can really suffer if not allowed proper airflow and filtration.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 9

Mistake 9: Poor lighting

A dressing room is not just a place to store things: it is also the place we pick out and change clothes. Many people forget about this and don’t factor in proper lighting when designing a space. Use lamps, chandeliers, and overhead lighting. Adding mirrors also help by reflecting and magnifying the light in a room.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 10

Mistake 10: An un-functional space

Do not forget about the comfort and functionality of the room – it doesn’t have to be limited in function: add a built-in ironing board or allocate space for the dressing table. Put in a padded stool or a folding chair for high to reach places or to sit on when changing. The room should be as comfortable as it is decorative.

Arrangement of the Dressing Room 11

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