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8 Modern Solutions for your Dressing Room

Thinking about your own dressing room? We have prepared for you a list of 8 current and functional storage solutions.

Dressing Room 1

1. Dressing rooms with glass doors

Glass doors in the dressing room are an elegant and fashionable addition to space, as well as a practical compromise between open and closed storage. Transparent doors are particularly appropriate when a part of a room has been allocated for the dressing area. The transparent doors will not give space a smaller or cut off appearance.

Dressing Room 2

The raumplus solution – The "UNO" interior system

The dressing room can be open and closed with glass doors - with both upper and lower suspension. The metal construction is easy to install and is available in Silver and Dark Bronze colors.

Dressing Room 3

The system can be equipped with comfortable pantographs and special lamps built into horizontal bars for clothes.

Dressing Room 4

2. The Classic Option

The convenient placement of cabinets and shelves, simple shapes and sleek design will never lose relevance. Do not forget to give each detail a functional reason: modern manufacturers offer many elements and accessories that will be able to fulfill this need.

Dressing Room 5

The classic dressing room solution "Classic"

This furniture system consists of units of varied sizes, compartments, and shelves. Since the sections are located along three walls and are adjustable to different heights, it is possible to efficiently and effectively install a dressing room with your available space. The "Classic" wardrobe has several configurations: U-shaped, L-shaped, and can also be placed along one wall.

Dressing Room 6

Most often, the dressing room in the classic version has three tiers:

The bottom one is designed primarily for the placement of shoes, and boxes for storing towels and bed linen can be added.

The medium tier can be used to hang things on hangers. Items such as outerwear, dresses, shirts. Boxes can be added for storing small items and jewelry.

The upper tier is used for storage of items not needed every day so they can be put away when not in use.

3. A bright design

The dressing room does not have to be hidden from the eyes: Contrary, it can be used as a visual highlight (for example, using rich colors or unusual door design) and add a bright accent to the interior.

Dressing Room 7

Raumplus Solution – The "Cornice" dressing room

The "Cornice’s” Vibrant colors and glossy front fabric not only create an atmosphere of joy and comfort but also visually increase the space of the room.

Dressing Room 8

Built-in wardrobe "Cornice" is equipped with shelves of different heights and sizes, tubes, hangers, and a chest of drawers. If desired, you can always add other functional accessories to the system such a pantograph, a bag section, or pull-out baskets.

Dressing Room 9

4. Wardrobe with angular swivel mechanism

Want to tap into every corner of your storage system? Then the angular swivel mechanism is for you. A mirror on one side and on the other a roomy shelving unit.

Dressing Room 10

Solution raumplus - dressing room "Cornice" with an angular swivel mechanism

Multifunctional swivel canvas is a main feature of the system. All connection of all components of this design is linked with invisible brackets, achieving a very aesthetic look.

Dressing Room 11

The goods that can be added to the already functional dressing room "Cornice":

Dressing Room 12

5. Dressing room in the "uncomfortable" room

The dressing room can be placed even in the most "uncomfortable" corners of your home: for example, on the attic floor or under the stairs.

Thanks to the modern system of shelves, racks, and crossbars, it is possible to assemble shelving systems in any room, even in the most complex and intricate rooms.

Dressing Room 13

Solution raumplus -  The "UNO" wardrobe system for the attic

Choose an open structure without side and front panels –It will make it easier for you to see and retrieve an item you are looking for, forgoing the waste of time opening and closing draws.

Dressing Room 14

To increase the functionality of the dressing room in the attic, complete it with drawers for small items and hooks for those small items that can easily be lost or overlooked.

Dressing Room 15

6. Spacious walk-in closet in Dark Bronze

"Dark Bronze" looks both striking and elegant at the same time and fits most tastes and aesthetics.  Designers assure this is the perfect solution for a modern couple's dressing room.

Dressing Room 16

Raumplus Solution - Dressing room "UNO" in color "Dark Bronze"

The noble bronze shade is what gives this dressing room sophistication. Thanks to this design, the dressing room will fit well in both classic and contemporary-style interiors.

Dressing Room 17

In addition to the dressing room, you can choose modules that will enhance the functionality of space: a sliding section for shoes, a hanger for ties, a shelf for watches and jewelry.

7. Wardrobe-Closet in the bedroom

If your apartment cannot boast of the adequate size, the optimal solution is a closet located in the bedroom.

Dressing Room 18

Raumplus Solution - wardrobe system "Cornice"

When developing the "Cornice" system, designers included shelves of different heights and sizes, drawers and hidden compartments: a multi-level shelving system allows you to efficiently and accurately place clothes, shoes, home textiles, and accessories. All elements are made in pastel colors, which means that the design will easily fit into any bedroom interior.

Dressing Room 19

Want to make your storage more spacious and convenient? Pay attention to the complementary modules: a compartment for heavy garments, a shoe drawer, and a hanger for ties and other like garments.

Dressing Room 20

8. Dressing room for storage of sports equipment and clothing

For those who lead an active lifestyle, the best choice would be a dressing room that can accommodate not only clothes and shoes, but also sports equipment. Leave in the past attempts to place the bike in the hallway or on the balcony, everything should have its own place.

Dressing Room 21

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