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Door Opening Systems

1. Folding System "COMPACK" 

Door System "COMPACK" is a symbiosis of elegance and practicality.

A compact and elegant opening system, which can be made with one or two folding panels. Each door panel folds in half in the open position towards the wall. "COMPACK" system is an ideal solution for space-saving. 

Door Opening Systems 1

Door Opening Systems 2

2. Concealed Barn Door System "MAGIC" 

Barn door "MAGIC" is a unique system that has no visible hardware or tracks.

System "MAGIC" doors have the appearance of floating in the air. The system has no visible tracks, wheels or other hardware in the open or in the closed position. The system gives a new edge to the modern interiors.

Door Opening Systems 3

Door Opening Systems 4

3. Barn Door System "DIVA AIR" 

Barn system "DIVA AIR" is the new concept of barn type doors for modern interiors.

System "DIVA AIR" is an innovative aesthetically pleasing design. It has a minimum number of visual elements. While everything is simple, it is very elegant. Due to the removal of fascia and visible wheels the guide track becomes an element of decor.

Door Opening Systems 5

Door Opening Systems 6

4. Barn Door System "IZYDA" 

Barn system "IZYDA" has a rustic appeal which is perfect for traditional and industrial loft-type interiors.

System "IZYDA" has large styled wheels with excellent performance. Wall-mounted with large decorative bolts. Exposed functional elements and dark color makes it a perfect fit, especially for industrial and vintage style interiors.

Door Opening Systems 7

Door Opening Systems 8

5. Folding System "BOOK" 

Door System "BOOK" is a smart solution for space-saving.

An opening system where the door panel is asymmetrically split. When open, panels fold and slide to one side. With reliable and smooth operating hardware, "BOOK" system doors add style to any interior while saving space.

Door Opening Systems 9

Door Opening Systems 10

6. Opening System "ROTORY" 

Door System "ROTORY" offers a few advantages.

Such a system can be the best alternative to the standard door offerings. it improves convenience and ergonomics of a swing door. It is especially well suited for narrow areas where it is necessary to optimize space for furniture and decoration items.

Door Opening Systems 10

Door Opening Systems 10

7. Opening System "COUPE" 

System "COUPE" is a perfect addition to any interior.

Barn door operation is a well-known principle of o door operation. The system "Book" may have one or two operable door panels. Installation may be done with side mount to glide over a wall surface or within the opening with top mounting hardware. The optional pocket frame (by other vendors) can be used to convert it to the pocket door system.

Door Opening Systems 11Door Opening Systems 12

8. Jamb System "INVISIBLE"

System "INVISIBLE" is the system of choice for modern interiors.

System "INVISIBLE" is the answer to the new trend in interior design. It allows the door to be finished flush to the wall surface without any visible casings.

Door Opening Systems 13

Door Opening Systems 14


System "INVISIBLE REVERSE" is the new system of choice for modern interiors.

System "INVISIBLE REVERSE" is the answer to the new trend in interior design. It allows the door to be finished flush to the wall surface without any visible casings. The reverse allows having a clean flush look for example in hallways while the doors would open into rooms.

Door Opening Systems 15

Door Opening Systems 16



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