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International Builders Show 2024: Milcasa's Innovative Showcase


The International Builders Show (IBS) 2024 in Las Vegas was a spectacular event, and Milcasa was at the heart of the innovation storm. As a leading European door hardware distributor, Milcasa has consistently introduced premium quality products that blend innovation with sleek design. 

A Glimpse into the Future of Door Hardware

Milcasa's booth was a testament to their commitment to bringing the most popular and cutting-edge products from Europe to the American market. Visitors were treated to a visual feast of modern design and ingenious functionality.

Compack Living Systems by Celegon

One of the highlights was the Compack Living Systems by Celegon. This revolutionary system is designed for folding interior bi-fold doors, requiring no modifications to walls or floors. 

With options for a 90-degree or a 180-degree opening, Compack systems halve the swing space needed, a feature that captivated many attendees.



Compack 180 Folding Door System

Compack 90 Folding Door System


Ergon Living: The Swinging-Sliding Revolution

Also from Celegon, the Ergon Living Systems was showcased, including the Ergon TE and Ergon TE SLIM. 


These swinging-sliding door systems are a game-changer, reducing the threshold size by 50% and offering a new way to expand living spaces without the need for extensive renovations.


Ergon Living T.E Swinging Door System 

Ergon Living T.E Slim Swinging Door System


Magic 2 by Terno Scorrevoli

Terno Scorrevoli's Magic 2 was another showstopper. 



This concealed hardware sliding door system creates a seamless and enchanting 'floating door' effect that left visitors in awe.



European Elegance Meets Functionality

Milcasa also displayed an array of European door handles from renowned companies like AGB. These handles are not only compatible with the showcased systems but are also a marvel of design themselves. The WAVE handle, with its minimalist design that combines grip and closure, was featured for the first time and drew much attention.


wave door handle


We’ll see you next year at the 2025 International Builders Show!

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