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Raumplus - Customer Benefits

There are hundreds, if not thousands of furniture manufacturers on the market, and any buyer may have a reasonable question: “Why, in fact, should I choose Raumplus? How is it better than the competitors? ”. This question is important and requires a separate discussion, so we decided to write a short article on this topic. Here, we will tell you why Raumplus is” the best"  and how we are not boasting.

The basis - materials

Aluminum profiles are one of the most important elements of Raumplus furniture. Important not only in the appearance of the furniture but also add to Raumplus’s dependable quality. A perfectionist, the founder of Raumplus decided 30 years ago that his profiles would be made only from primary aluminum. Primary aluminum has high strength, ductility, and high corrosion resistance. Our profiles conform to the European standard ISO9001 (environmentally friendly primary aluminum).

Raumplus - Customer Benefits 1

The durability of our furniture

The best test of furniture durability is to put it in an apartment with small children or animals. Scratches, sudden impacts, spilled paint or glue, and constant opening and closing of the doors are just a small list of what wardrobes in children's rooms undergo.

Raumplus - Customer Benefits 2

Raumplus cabinets withstand any of those tests.  Aluminum profiles of Raumplus are covered with a special compound, anodizing at 23 microns protects them from minor mechanical damage and scratches. If someone tried and still could scratch the coating, just rub the damage site with a special Raumplus grinding wheel and the coating will be good as new. The tonality of the anodizing is constant and does not change with chemical agents, so that spilled paint or felt-tip pen will not affect the color of your furniture.

Raumplus profiles withstand heavy loads, including high impact. They are equipped with additional stiffeners and notch on the inside. What does this mean in practice? This means that even if a child bumps into the closet door, nothing will bend (at least in the closet), and the doors will not fly off the rails. 

Quality furniture means less headache for parents and costs less (zero!) for its repair.

Raumplus - Customer Benefits 3

For lovers of silence

All Raumplus doors are insulated so well they create a virtually silent atmosphere. This is especially true for our sliding structures, whether interior doors or wardrobes. Special rollers provide a noiselessness and smooth opening and closing. The wheels of the rollers are perfectly balanced, their fluoroplastic coating ensures a smooth rolling, and the quality bearing is a guarantor of an easy opening/closing of the valves. The design is very reliable. These doors are almost impossible to knock out of the rails, with a manufacturer's warranty of 25 years!

Raumplus - Customer Benefits 4

Impossible does not exist

Close your eyes and imagine the door, wardrobe, kitchen, office, or closet of your dreams... Raumplus will help to fulfill that dream! The highest quality of materials and accessories means not only your furniture will last a long time, but also gives you the opportunity to realize any design ideas that cannot be implemented with standard furniture. For example, due to the strength of its profiles, Raumplus can produce very high doors or partitions - up to 5 meters in height! Thanks to reliable fittings, doors withstand considerable loads, which means that they can be decorated to your taste with various materials, separately and in combinations. As a result, customers get exactly what they wanted, what they intended.

Raumplus - Customer Benefits 5

Eternal furniture

All Raumplus components have a long warranty period, and in the absence of constant pressure, they can be in use indefinitely. Accessories, profiles, and other materials are produced in Germany with modern high-tech equipment. At the same time, quality control is carried out at all stages of production. Raumplus tries to predict the loads that real life would put on your furniture, so in a special test center, all components are subjected to stress tests. For more than 30 years the company has achieved outstanding results in controlling the quality of its products. We can say with confidence that Raumplus furniture can be considered almost eternal furniture. 

In this article, we have tried to briefly describe the advantages of Raumplus furniture. So why you should buy our company's products? Some will be attracted by the reliability of the furniture and its long service life. Others will like the opportunity to express their creative potential through interior design. Others will want the ideal premium-class furniture in their home, which will fit in every corner or niche, in every room, regardless of its size and layout. Each time the result is the same - individual furniture, all the wishes of the customer taking into account; with the result being beautiful, reliable, and durable.



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