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What is a profile and what goes with it?

Have you ever thought about aluminum profiles? The answer in most cases will be “No”, and this is not surprising. But, for sure, at least once in your life you have heard about such a thing as “primary aluminum”.

Raumplus profiles are made from this material. Primary aluminum is made from alumina, while ordinary aluminum is melted from slag and primary production waste. Naturally, primary aluminum is more expensive, but the quality is incomparable. Accordingly, Raumplus profiles made from such an alloy are more reliable than other analogs.

What is a profile 1

One of our clients could see this for himself when he dropped the stepladder on a Raumplus cabinet. The door did not suffer, their margin of safety was colossal, only a small scratch appeared on the bottom profile, which was then removed with a special “eraser”. With a  regular profile, the product would’ve been at risk of serious damage. Next, we will tell you a little about aluminum profiles and why they are needed in the production of furniture.

Where are the aluminum profiles used?

Profiles are used in the manufacture of wardrobes, racks, racks, furniture supports, partitions, doors, and other interior systems. For example, in the wardrobes, profiles are used for the frame structure of sliding doors, for their installation of the product itself, and for the decoration of canvases.

What is a profile 2

Stylishly profiles add to the design of the facades and interior sliding systems. Modern partitions are created with an aluminum profile in combination with glass, plastic, and treated wood. Aluminum, like glass, is practically eternal and is unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity.

What is a profile 3

Doors of the classic look - hinged - are made out of profiles not only for the sake of beauty but also to increase the strength of the structure. This allows the glass area to be larger than that of ordinary doors made of chipboard or wood. One cannot achieve such a modern aesthetic without aluminum profiles.

What is a profile 4

Profile types

Buyers should be aware of the different types of profiles available to them. Profiles differ in coating and colors. Raumplus makes various profiles:

  • anodized
  • polished anodized
  • painted aluminum
  • profiles covered with PVC film, a pattern that matches the texture of wood from various models.

What is a profile 5

But most often anodized aluminum profiles are used due to their high quality - durability, uniform color, and resistance to scratching.

What is a profile 6

Why the use profile?

The profile is a relatively recent introduction in the furniture making process. The first profiles were made of steel and used in the production of storage racks. Profiles then were valued not so much for their aesthetical value but in the matter of their strength. Although strong, they were eventually abandoned due to the low corrosion resistance of the steel. Steel profiles could not properly keep their shape and bent over time – Shortening the lifespan of the furniture. As a result, steel was replaced by the more durable aluminum. Aluminum is usually more expensive than steel, plastic or wood, which is reflected in the final cost of furniture, but this is offset by excellent performance and durability, which none of the other materials can compare with. Aluminum is easily combined with other materials, as mentioned above, and combined with the resistant design adds to the lifespan of the product.

Mutual benefit

Aluminum profiles are beneficial to both the manufacturers and buyers. Manufacturers can expand the range of non-standard designs, such as very high doors or partitions.

What is a profile 7

Due to the lightness and durability of aluminum, a variety of decorative materials for the design of cabinets, doors, and partitions has grown significantly. , Various combinations of materials, such as glass, wood, mirrors, murals, and mosaics - all become possible together or separately in the design of furniture thanks to aluminum profiles. Manufacturers can give a guarantee on their furniture’s longevity, and great reliable designs are available for buyers. In addition, buyers also benefit from the profile design’s durability. With the profile’s sturdy design your furniture is guaranteed to last for decades. And our variety of designs allows you to choose from an amazing variety of interior components. The Modular design allows you to create interesting and functional combinations, and the availability of various decorative materials allows you to find the product that best fits your tastes and requirements. 

The new word in the organization of wardrobe

Among other things, aluminum profiles are vital for the design of Raumplus’s interior systems.

What is a profile 8

Interior (wardrobe) systems - perhaps one of the most interesting offers on the furniture market. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space to offer for a complete wardrobe room, but our interior system can be installed in a niche, behind a partition or in part of a room, using it as an additional element of the interior layout. The Raumplus has two interior systems that use aluminum profiles as special support racks: Uno and Cornice.

What is a profile 9

You can learn more about Uno and Cornice on our website, but if in short, their unique wardrobe systems are without transverse partitions, thereby achieving airiness and visual ease of layout.

What is a profile 10

This would not be possible, without the aluminum profiles.  Such systems can be made for the order of most room dimensions. Due to the simplicity of the attached aluminum frame, the system can be reassembled: you can always add/remove shelves, holders and drawers, add new elements or expand the system with an additional frame.

As you can see, aluminum profiles have firmly entered our lives and it is no longer possible to imagine the modern interior of a house or apartment without them!


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