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Magic 2 Vetro - Wall Mount Concealed Sliding System for Glass Doors
Magic 2 Vetro - Wall Mount Concealed Sliding System for Glass Doors
Magic 2 Vetro - Wall Mount Concealed Sliding System for Glass Doors
Magic 2 Vetro - Wall Mount Concealed Sliding System for Glass Doors

Magic 2 Vetro - Wall Mount Concealed Sliding System for Glass Doors

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Product Overview

Magic2 Vetro is the innovative invisible sliding door system outside the wall, for glass doors, with soft-closing. The system might be fixed with exposed studs or bundle and it is suitable to monolithic or laminated glasses, from 5/16" up to 1/2"( 8 up to 12,7 mm) of thickness.

A multi-patented system totally Made in Italy. A product that integrates the magic of architectural minimalism and the smoothness of an extremely tested system - today in version 2. The recent upgrade with the Fluid dampers solution makes it today a unique and inimitable product

System is Suitable for Glass Door:

  • Max Weight  176 Lbs. / 80 Kg.
  • Glass Thickness from 15/16" up to 1/2" (8 mm up to 12.7 mm)
  • Close to floor: 3/8" (10 mm)
  • Width: 26-7/8" ÷70-7/8"  (680 ÷ 1800 mm)
Set Include:  (Set include all necessary hardware less glass door.)  

Door Glass Width:

  • Minimum   26-7/8" for opening 18-2/8"
  • Maximum  70-7/8" for opening 62-2/8" with
  • Net opening width = DOOR WIDTH - 8-5/8" (219 mm)
Door overlap one side of frame 2" (50 mm) and opposite , 6-5/8" (168 mm) when in the fully closed position  

(dimensions depending on door width and type of installation)


Brushed Anodized Silver (Special Finish Upon Request)

The original invisible system

The original system for glass doors 100% made in Italy

More than 2" ( 50mm )of damping motion
Magic2 system integrates new patented dampers with 2" (50 mm) of braking motion, while keeping the same door dimensions.

Dampers with adjustable positioning
Dampers were designed to be independent from wall-spacer wheels. They're suitable to be moved into the track to allow door positioning adjustment.

Wall-spacer wheels
Wheels are positioned on the door extremities, in order to protect the door from wall contact, when wall surface are not plane.

Patented adjustment system
Magic2 integrates following door adjustments:

  • Door height adjustment from floor
  • Micrometic adjustment of door from wall
  • Micrometic adjustment of door parallelism from wall

Door adjustments of wall distance and parallelism, are meant to compensate possible irregularities of wall. All adjustments are available in the top of sliding trolley, without removing the door.

Practical anti-jumping system
Magic2 includes two turning antijumping activation elements, equipped with two safety levers, easy to rotate with no tools required. Safety levers, clearly visible, will have to be removed once anti-jumping system is activated.

Silent lower guide
With the purpose of furtherly increase sliding quality, the reinforced lower guide in Zamak (reliable and versatile) slides in a silent plastic profile.

Patented bottom wheels designed for a better sliding
Bottom wheels are equipped with a patented suspension spring system, with a larger diameter, bigger bearing and steel pivots. Rubber surface have been enlarged as well, in order to reinforce wheels and improve sliding quality. The rubber does not leave any trace or sign on sliding surface like floors and walls and it does not deform over time.


More information about Magic 2 Vetro

Click here to open: PDF Installation Instruction