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Hidden Doors - Design Features

A hidden door is a construction that is not easily noticed. A secret entrance is often necessary so that no stranger can find it, or so that some valuable belongings are kept in a discreet area.

Hidden Doors 1

There are many different ways to create an interesting hidden entrance. You can hide the entrance during renovations or buy a specialized design that will imitate any piece of furniture.

Hidden Doors 2


Secret doors can be purchased in several variations. If desired, buyers can buy the product in the store or contact the private workshop to get an individual option.

Most popular stealth door models:

  • Cabinet imitation is the easiest way to visually hide an entrance. In this case, the cabinet can be closed, or it can be open and have mock shelves;
  • Chiffonier imitation - in this case, the canvas looks like a wardrobe door or, for example, a kitchen set;
  • For painting - such constructions have no handles. To open the entrance you need to click on the canvas in a certain place or push it. This method is good because the finishing coating is not easy to see the doorway. It can imitate tile, brick, and even wallpaper;
  • The mirror design creates the feeling of a mirror beyond which it is impossible to see the passage. It is also convenient in aesthetic terms - anyone who wishes can admire his reflection in a full-length mirror.

Hidden Doors 3

By type of construction, the hidden door can be sliding, pivoting and hinged:

  • The sliding system is the ideal solution in the absence of extra space. To open the door you will need to manually move the canvas or install an automatic system;
  • The turning system works thanks to a complex mechanism consisting of retractable rods. Therefore, it can rotate around its axis;
  • The swing design requires free space. In the open form, it is quite cumbersome and can interfere with the movement of residents around the apartment.

Hidden Doors 4

Hidden designs are distinguished by their versatility. They can be installed in any room, be it a room in an apartment or an office. They lack traditional loops, so the mechanism remains invisible to the unknowing eye.

Hidden Doors 5

Accessories and size

Interior doors with a hidden box are made of various materials. But most often manufacturers use chipboard, which is easiest to decorate. The box itself is made of wood or metal. In this case, all components are mounted on the same level as the walls.

Hidden Doors 6

Custom-made doors have a finish identical to the mount location. After installation, they are decorated in the color of the walls (painted, pasted with wallpaper or plastered).

Hidden Doors 7

“Better invisibility can be achieved if you build the structure with the wall. The handle looks like a small cut on the surface of the box.”

Hidden Doors 8

The canvases in the factory finish are not completely invisible. Usually, only the box is hidden but the borders of the canvas are clearly visible. Different finishes such as frosted glass or tints are harder to hide.

Hidden Doors 9

A secret door can be made in any size - it all depends on the individual characteristics of the room. Standard dimensions are: 80x24 inches, 80x28 inches, 80x32 inches and 80x39 inches. Non-standard dimensions are from 75 inches to 106 inches in height.

The hidden design includes a door cassette, box, overhead or hidden hinges, and a lock.

Hidden Doors 10

Hidden Doors 11

How to choose?

Hidden in the wall canvases achieve this effect due to invisible loops, which are mounted in a special frame. Choosing the design of the hidden installation, it is necessary to determine the type of design: under the finish or factory products.

“To make the product look equally good in both rooms, it is important to arrange it on both sides to match the adjacent rooms.”

Hidden Doors 12

You must take into account the features of the apartment:

  • Swing doors can be installed only in large spaces, sliding systems will make a better  fit in small-sized homes;
  • Sometimes a hidden door is necessary for those who don’t have much space for a swing door but installing a visible sliding door would not match the rest of the doors. 
  • The secret door is ideal for non-standard openings. Sometimes it is the only option for the design of an atypical space. Due to the different configurations, it can be installed under the stairs, in the attic with sloping ceiling, etc .;

Hidden Doors 13

  • It is possible to pick up a secret canvas to increase the light flux, since some models, due to the absence of a standard box, create a wide light opening;
  • The designs in the ceiling with an invisible box have a wide range of finishes. They blend seamlessly into most rooms.  They can be in the drywall in, mimicking a wall;
  • It is appropriate to use invisible canvas in combination with any wallpaper you have;
  • It is important to start construction on prepared walls;

Hidden Doors 13

  • It is very important to take into account the dimensions of the doorway and the leaf itself, and to purchase the desired product in advance;
  • The cost of installing a secret passage is more than the installation of a traditional interior product. Therefore, it is necessary to estimate the financial costs correctly beforehand;
  • Also, a secret design cannot replace a standard door frame. After all, its installation is possible only with simulating the wall covering.

Hidden Doors 14

Successful examples and options

Secret rooms always attract with their mystery, therefore, when planning the placement of aisles in the house, secret doors are often used, behind which any room can hide:

  • A secret entrance under the stairs looks very interesting, which can hide behind a restroom or a study;

Hidden Doors 15

  • A corner closet can serve as a secret passage, and behind it there can be a storage room;

Hidden Doors 16

  • The best option to hide the entrance to your personal account or safe is to install an invisible door in a bookcase;

Hidden Doors 17

  • You can remove the safe from prying eyes with the help of a mirror, behind which there will be a doorway;

Hidden Doors 18

  • Even a massive chest of drawers can become a hiding place, hiding the entrance to a special room.


To install the door leaf with a hidden box was made correctly, you should follow the advice of experts:

  • They recommend to carry out the preparatory work with special attention to remove all defects in the wall in which the door will be installed. You need to know how to paint or glue the wall and the canvas itself to make them invisible;
  • The canvas must be strictly positioned vertically to exclude the possibility of its spontaneous closing or opening;

Hidden Doors 19

  • It is very important to know the depth of planting and the amount of foaming required so that during operation no part interferes with the installation process;
  • If you plan to further past the canvas, then you need to properly prepare the profile base. To do this, use drywall, which will level the surface and give it a good finishing work;

Hidden Doors 20

  • The main thing is that the chosen type of construction does not interfere with your movement about the space and that it is not readily detectable. Then it will fit well with the interior.


  • If I cut length / shelf size slats in my door to half a shelf & insert the shelf into my door to put shelfs on both sides would that be enough support on a hollow door ?

    Robert Lee
  • To SIMPLIFY, can I just make or attach a bookcase to my say bedroom or bathroom or basement door instead of paying such ridiculous prices for a door as long as same size & not too heavy ? Do I need small bottom casters to easy glide

    Robert Lee

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