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Milcasa Store Space-Saving Solutions for More Functional Environments. For Small Rooms an Open Kitchen and more

Space-saving solutions for more functional environments, for small rooms, an open kitchen and more

When arranging open spaces or apartments with limited space, it is essential to resort to solutions that make the most of the available space.

A kitchen that opens onto the living room, for example, can lead to redesigning the furniture of the room with more functional solutions, which do not compromise the aesthetic result.

Thanks to the patented COMPACK LIVING® hardware system, you can reduce the clearance needs of a door or cabinet leaves by 50% , optimising the space available. The opening/closing mechanism allows the leaf to be moved easily and silently to the side of the opening, making it completely accessible.

The system is particularly appreciated for its versatility, its convenience of use and its technology which is suitable for any situation, both in the case of corner cupboards and as access to a different room.

COMPACK LIVING® is suitable not only for single-leaf doors but also for double- or triple-leaf doors. By also applying the innovative magnetic quick release system PUSH&GO EVO, the furnishing solutions grow. The functionality and ease of use of Push&Go EVO are evident in situations where the door is frequently in use, since it eliminates all the inconveniences of an old lever bolt. Thanks to Push&Go EVO, the leaf release is activated by lightly pressing a button and the magnetic system automatically locks the door back in its closed position.

Both COMPACK LIVING® and Push&Go EVO can be used on any type of door, allow the use of traditional handles and locks and are available in different finishes to adapt to any style.

By using COMPACK LIVING® and PUSH&GO EVO on storage cabinets in a kitchen, for example, you can create organised pantries and spacious cupboards even large ones, optimising the usable living space. Traditional opening systems require the use of one or more leaves with considerable clearance needs, or require dividing the space with an upright, creating another separate opening. With the COMPACK LIVING® system, though, you can enjoy the comfort of a single piece of furniture and the practicality of a small leaf. In fact, the clearance needs of an open leaf, against the wall, is reduced to a third. In this way, shelves can be kept up to date or hidden as needed.


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