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Interior Folding Door: Saving Space and Stylish Design

Not all of us are owners of spacious apartments with a convenient layout. But there are ways of arranging a space that will help create a comfortable home, without spending big money. An easy solution to this is our interior folding door.

Foldable interior door design

A folding door is a structure consisting of one or two leaves, which are divided into sections. A folding interior door is fitted with hinges and canvases. When moving, the sections move on special rollers, which are completed with a stopper and a clamp. The strength of the product depends on the quality of fasteners of cloths to vertical bars.

Interior Folding Door 1


Our folding doors are made of traditional and high-tech materials. Supporters of the traditional aesthetic will like the solid wood designs, all made in a variety of classic colors. The door leaf can be made custom with transparent, frosted, or stained glass. With a variety of designs and quality materials, all will be able to find a foldable door that will meet their practical and aesthetic needs.

Glass options

A popular combination is glass and aluminum. That and other similar options give your interior an original look. The glass panes are available in several varieties. Mirrored, matte, transparent and colored/tinted models, and can be polished and sandblasted.

When using glass, it is important to ensure safety. The safest options are tempered or triplex glass, which is almost impossible to break.

Interior Folding Door 2

Wood Interior

Wood models are good in classic interior spaces. Instead of a wooden array, we use chipboards and MDF.
Interior Folding Door 3

For small rooms

Interior folding doors fit well into small apartments. The advantage of using them are:
  1. Saves space.
  2. Optimizes living space.
  3. Sufficient sound insulators.
  4. Noiseless when opening/closing.
  5. Keeps the aesthetic of a space.
Interior Folding Door 4

For cabinets

Folding doors for cabinets are an ideal option for small rooms that are impossible to build a classic opening. The best option is cabinets with a sliding system - rollers on a folding structure work flawlessly.

Interior Folding Door 5

The advantages of foldable interior doors:

  1. Unlike standard models, foldable interiors take up less space.
  2. When opening and closing, it is pushed forward only by the width of one section, which permits them to be installed even in narrow corridors, which is ideal for living rooms or small apartments.
  3. The design of the folding sections is both safe and silent.
  4. The door is easy to dismantle, leaving no traces left on the floor.
  5. They are available in a wide range of textures and colors
  6. The door leaf moves only along the top rail, which keeps the floor in the room intact.

      Interior Folding Door 6

      Whatever your choice, a foldable interior door will serve you for a long time, complementing and completing the interior of your room, while not overtaking useable space. One of our most popular choices, the foldable interior door is the most ergonomic option on the market currently.

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