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The fluid, silent system also for double leaf doors

The family of ERGON® Living swing-and-slide systems is expanded with the flush folding door solution.

Thanks to the simultaneous swing and slide movement of the door, the space occupied is 50% less than traditional opening and closing systems. The ERGON Living system eliminates the problem of obstruction between adjacent doors and expands construction possibilities. Its technology revolutionises the concept of the door and increases the amount of space available. The opening is as simple and easy as that of any hinged door.

With ERGON® Folding, you can install pairs of swing-and-slide doors, taking advantage of the swing and slide movement even on extra wide openings. With this new solution, rooms can be compartmentalised with a single, silent, ultra-stable and easy movement. The floor is not involved in the opening system because there are no guide or sliding elements on the ground.

It is also possible to use the ERGON® Living system on double opposing doors.

All the ERGON Living hardware is compatible with the application of the Push & Go EVO magnetic unlocking system, which has won awards for the quality, ease-of-use and technical functionality in the movement of the secondary leaf.

Once again, ERGON improves the quality of life by making homes more liveable.

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